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    Whiskeyclone is a small-time project started by Compholio in late July. The origional source code was based on an engine found on the FTP server of Blizzard. The program was written in Microsoft's Visual C++ until Compholio converted the Win32 version to Borland C++ Builder 5.5. Probably two of the greatest features added by Compholio are the use of multi-threading for greater efficiency and the use of the ElizaTalk engine to actually hold semi-intelligent conversations with users who whisper to the bot. The Linux version was able to incorporate mutli-threading, but the ElizaTalk engine was not usuable under Unix type platforms so no conversation feature has been added yet. The Linux version will probably be worked on more for now because putting your bot on a Linux server (assuming you have access to one) means you can leave your bot on all the time rather than when your computer is on. It also means there's no annoying console window running on your desktop. This is especially nice for users who have slow connections because they can operate their bot remotely, without sucking up their much needed bandwidth. A lot of this will go into other sections later. But for now work will continue on both versions.
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