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    What is the Whiskeyclone Project?

    Whiskeyclone is a cross-platform bot for Blizzard's servers. This project is done in our spare time and has no actual release date for 1.00. Updates may come daily, weekly, or even monthly if other activities get in the way. Whiskeyclone is programmed in C for now and a C++ version may be coming soon. Other distributions using Java would also be nice if we find developers seasoned in that field. There will, however, be no Visual Basic version (sorry VB losers). If you have any hate mail, death threats, and/or compliments, please e-mail Xone Case.
    What does it do?

    For now, not much. The core of the program is still being created. But some nifty features have been added for the Win32 version, such as the ability to have conversations with users. The ability to "talk through" your bot has also been added where you can whisper to other users under the bot's username. More will added as the project progresses.
    Who should use this program?

    For now, we will not be releasing any executables for the average user because we believe that bots are too often used for flooding/spamming the chat channels (God bless the /squelch command). The only people who will be able to use this are well seasoned C/C++ programmers who know a little about socket programming and who know basic chat commands like whisper or join. I highly doubt a downloadable executable will be uploaded.
    What compilers are used in the development of Whiskeyclone?

    For the Win32 version we use Borland's C++ Builder 5.5 and for the Unix version, GCC is used. These compilers are both free of charge and GCC is open source.
    Why make two versions?

    We believe that people should have access to our code no matter what OS they are running. We have one version for Unix based machines (we've tested it out on Redhat and FreeBSD servers, no Solaris yet) and another version for Windows users (NT and 9x). For all the Macintosh users out there we have something to tell you
    --- Get a real OS!
    What about IRC bots?

    95% of the instant messages I get on IRC are just ads for porn or some other stupid service I don't need. IRC bots are dangerous in that they can relay information about your account or machine back to the programmer. We promise that none of our bots will compromise the security of your machine or account at We do, however, suggest you make a second account for your bot. For example, my user account on is Tuxalot, and my bot's is Tuxbot.
    Dude! What's wrong with VB?!

    When Compholio did the porting of Whiskeyclone to Unix, there were three main obstacles in the way.
    1) Multi-Threading support
    2) Winsock Functions
    3) String Functions
    Number one was easily solved by including the GCC header <pthread.h>, number 2 was solved by using the default socket headers which used the same functions as <winsock.h>. Number 3 gave us by far the most trouble because the string handling functions are very different between the two OSs. The point is, that C can be ported, VB can't. Visual Basic is not free, nor is it open source. The programmers working on the Whiskeyclone bot want as many people as possible to be able to learn from it. Anybody can download a free 8 megabyte compiler, but not everybody can afford a $600 "programming language". This is not because we are cheap either, some of us own copies of VB, we think it's a fun toy. ;)
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